COVID-19 update: The No.1 Team are working hard to support service users and volunteers whilst trying to implement ways for support through the changing time.  Most of our befrienders are transitioning from face-to-face to telephone befriending. We are now also supporting people with their shopping through our Befriending Plus service.


The No.1 Staff team are now all working from home. We are however here to support you. If you need to speak to someone, please don't hesitate to call or email at



We are a social enterprise registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Our mission is to promote fullness of life and reduce loneliness and isolation through friendship and companionship. We work mostly in Glasgow though sometimes have services provided throughout Scotland.


We operate a befriending service that is free to the user with the help of a group of amazing volunteers. We also offer a bespoke person-centred care service with the help of our team of trained and friendly carers. 

Our one to one befriending happens in person or over the phone. Our Cup of Friendship events and tea parties are for people who may not otherwise leave their homes. These are designed to help you connect with new people and are a lot of fun!



Our Values

Compassion - recognise the value  that the people we support bring to society

Couragerecognise and appreciate the courage it takes to live life fully

Happiness - promote well-being and a sense of  deep satisfaction

Respect -  dignify and empower those we support

Independence - promoting freedom to live life in fullness

Our vision is to create connections and build confidence and skills in and through the people we work with.


Joanna Tomzik
Operations Manager 
Marketa Buricova
Volunteer Coordinator 
Audrey Mutongi
Chief Executive Officer 
Sheila McPherson
Managing Director 
Shonagh Hendry
Volunteer Coordinator 
Lea Balint
Quality & Marketing Coordinator 
Jennifer Scott
Volunteer Coordinator & Communications Assistant 

Why do we do what we do?

The No.1 befriending Agency was formed in September 2016 by a number of professionals who frequently experienced when working as carers for older adults that the people they cared for longed for some meaningful interaction in addition to the simple mechanical acts of the care service they received.


Older people are sadly especially vulnerable to feeling lonely as often they have a very limited number of social interaction in a week, mostly due to mobility issues. To try to tackle the problem of loneliness and isolation, we have created a befriending service, where trained volunteers visit isolated older people and spend some time with them to have a wee chatter alongside a cup of tea.


We offer befriending free of charge thanks to our exceptional care service, that is more and more popular among older adults who wish to have a person-centred care service that takes their wellbeing very seriously. 


We operate our befriending and our care service based on the same values. We regularly seek feedback from the people we support and those close to them. We believe in creating an environment of constant improvement, where support is closely monitored, to ensure service users are satisfied with the services they receive.


We believe in working collaboratively with other community organisations to facilitate better services and make better what we do.  Some  of these organisations are:








Our address

1 Cadogan Square, 51 Cadogan Street, Glasgow, G2 7HF

Opening hours

Monday – Friday  10:00AM – 4:00PM

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1 Cadogan Square, 51 Cadogan Street, Glasgow, G2 7HF

0141 465 6998

We are a Scottish Community Interest Company (CIC). Company Registration SC516418

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